About me

Who is this guy?

Hey! I'm Viggo Bryant-Frost, a teenager living in Hampshire in the United Kingdom. I like to think of myself as a creative coder, one that combines attention to detail in design and usability with functionality and stability within coding and development. Offline, I'm a tennis and guitar player and also enjoy swimming. I drop in and out of the gaming world, be that popping up a quick game of Mini Metro or rocking up in Minecraft.

Facts about me

Nationality 3/4 English, 1/4 Danish
Pronouns he/him
Star sign Leo
Occupation None currently
Favourite singer The Weeknd
Primary Computer M2 MacBook Air
iOS or Android iOS, but I don't mind Android
Height Tall
Favourite colour Orange is nice
Favourite song Don't really have one, not gonna lie!
Favourite coding language JavaScript
Favourite CSS style linear-gradient
Browser Safari/Chrome
Visual Studio Code theme GitHub Theme (light and dark)

My experience

Through my childhood, I've largely self-taught myself how to code and design, for good or for bad. I started out with Python, within the classic IDLE, covering the basics, which admittedly have gathered a fair bit of rust as I've progressed through different languages.

After learning basic HTML within secondary school, I took inspiration to develop my skills in the field and begin web development. I guided myself through learning HTML's fellow basic languages, beginning with CSS before I intertwined my websites with some newfound JavaScript knowledge. However, I then went back to my roots in Python, using a cool tool called Anvil (anvil.works) to make web apps with only Python. I had a brief stint using this, and made a lightweight productivity suite called V Suite.

As my first websites and web apps, such as SuiteLink (discontinued), started to develop in complexity, I began to see the appeal of using React and NodeJS as an alternative to traditional methods. While my skills in the areas of HTML, CSS and non-Node JS remained strong, I started out on my new journey of adopting more advanced frameworks like Gatsby, before settling on NextJS, the framework I look to first for significant apps and in fact am using on this website today.

If I'm honest, that's about it for my experience! I'm always looking for new opportunities and happily undertake projects given to me, especially those in the graphic design and web development field, so give me a shout if that's something you'd want.

About viggobf.com

Redesigned from the ground up for version 2.0 (and again slightly for 3.0), the Viggo Bryant-Frost website is designed to be a way of finding out more about me, as well as a provider of key information and contact details for your convenience. Built with NextJS with backend by Contentful, it's more or less a culmination, albeit not very advanced and not too much of a push, of my skills in web development. I try to make it reflect my personal character and comprise attention to detail in UX/UI design, as a good and informative landing page for myself as a person. If you want to know more, read Article #2 in my blog, which introduces this new site.